I finished Ariel’s course called “Osteolifting 4D”. Thank you very much for your teaching!  These techniques are great and they work miracles. All of my clients are very happy! The tension is release and the muscles relax! Facial contour tighten,  cheekbones become more visible, chin extends and the face smooths!

Good afternoon, Ariel!

In 2017 I finished 3 of your Courses: Swedish Holistic facial massage, deep tissue facial release and osteo-lifting massage. It was just starting my professional career and after some time, I can truly understand the importance of this approach to learning and to this level of understanding of the body and the processes. It makes me very happy when to see the results of my work, this procedure doesn’t just effect the contour of my clients face, but it also affects their appearance as a whole. Their faces express calmness, peace and joy. My clients noted an improvement in their general well-being and in their relationships with loved ones, their self-awareness increased. What I found useful is the supervision you can undergo as part of the course; it’s of use to all levels of expertise. Once again, I want to express my deepest gratitude.


Medicine and Cosmetology never skip a pace and develop quickly, as for Osteolifting it is a unique and natural practice. My teacher, Ariel, taught me how to choose the best approach for each of my client individually.

Why go abroad and spend a lot of money on surgical procedures, which have more negative effects than positive, when there is such thing as Osteolifting? My patients became the biggest fans of the procedure as they see and understand how facial fascia muscles depend on their psychosomatic state.

My patients return to me and why? After my course of Osteolifting my patients receive rejuvenated face, facial contours tighten and they appear happier and more peaceful.

What is my secret? That’s easy, my secret is my wonderful teacher and mentor, ARIEL PELEVIN.

Good evening Ariel! Thank you for being my mentor, I was thrilled to learn more about your unique osteo-lifting and biodynamic massage technique! My patients are able to enjoy the results after just one session!  I combine these massage techniques with Doctor Nonna masks! After the session, face tension releases! Face muscles relax! As a result of thorough chin massage one of my clients now has beautifully shaped lips, although before the procedure her lips were almost invisible. Another client of mine restored her normal sleep and biological rhythm! A third client said that she looks and feels 5 years younger. Although beforehand, she didn’t even want to look at her own reflection in the mirror. Now she is more self-confident and is happy with her age and appearance.

I use osteolifting in my work for about a year. It’s a very soft, flexible and natural way to balance a body, mentality, consciousness and subconsciousness of a person, depending on client’s needs and the competence of the specialist. During one course osteolifting can alternate with other massage techniques or  be combined with other massage techniques in one procedure.