Study program

Osteo Lifting

Day 1 – Deep tissue facial release

Theory about miofascial web. Role of fascia in structural and mental architecture of patient. Fascial influence on all body systems. What is the strict fascial dialogue and how to achieve it. Ergonomics and application of body as an effective tool. Practical assessment of studied techniques. All practical charts will be individually supervised by teacher.

Day 2 – Biodinamic facial lifting

Theory about architecture of body in means of Volume and Vectors. Theory about ways of connections between specialist and patient. Theory about inner movement and body self-regulation. Theory of Neutral state during and after treatment. Study how to apply right ergonomics and channel bioenergy. Study how to motivate body self-regulation process. Theory about release and stages occurring during release. Practical assessment of studied theory. All practical charts supervised by teacher.

Day 3 – Osteo-lifting 3D

Advanced techniques in biodynamic approach. We enlarge knowledge how to treat volume and apply multi-angle biodynamic enters. Treat tissues, bones and membranous intraorally. Application of verbal guidance during psychosomathic therapy.

Osteo-body can eliminate all the tensions in the body, which affect the structure of the face and worsen the condition of its tissues. The skills gained in this training will help the practitioners to  balance out  the faces of their patients, rejuvenate them, and improve symmetry of the faces and condition of tissues of theor patients, through elimination of restrictions in certain areas of the body. And all this without much physical effort, due to the unique osteopathic-bioenergetic techniques available for everyone to learn. In addition to a qualitative change in the state of the face, specialists will be able to eliminate stress and limitations in the body itself, which will bring them to a higher level in relation to their colleagues.