Osteo-lifting ®

Osteo-lifting is an innovative and advanced approach to manual cosmetology and body-oriented practice. This method improves the dialogue between patient and the therapist. Osteo-lifting enhances the potential of the specialist and helps them to get in touch with the inner body architecture of their patients through the face. This method helps the specialist to increase the overall capacity of aesthetic and structural facial corrections. It helps to slow down aging process and reduce the tissue fatigue though metabolism increase in body cells. One of the greatest benefits of the method is the ability to influence psychosomatic release and neural relief.

Osteo-lifting works miracles as a compliment to invasive therapy and surgery. It may help to improve the results and will increase the durability of the after effect. In many cases, it can be a good a great alternative and may help to avoid invasive therapies and surgeries. This method is great for those people who are tired of the superficial and less effective methods and are seeking higher applicability of their bio-energetic and manual skills. This method does not limit the specialist in any way, but opens new horizons in body practices and manual cosmetology. Be among the first who leads way in the new field of manual cosmetology.