International Academy OSTEO-LIFTING


International Academy OSTEO-LIFTING




- osteopath PhD (USA), BSC (Spain), MT (Israel), international teacher- conducts private practice in Israel, Europe and Serbia

    conducted more than 200 seminars in 11 countries
    trained over 5000 students



- aesthetic masseur with experience of more than 15 years. Thousands of satisfied customers

For whom?




Massage therapists


People who are looking for a new career in the beauty industry

What will you get?

    A unique method of manual non-surgical facial correction on all levels from intracranial to tissue levels
    Heal the whole body through the face
    Group training 4-10 persons
    You will be able to completely change the structure of the skull, tissues and create the necessary lifting effect in 2-5 sessions
    Two-day training; 100% hands-on practice; Individualized support
    The personal training package (1-2 people), before the New year, includes 1 session of osteolifting as a gift
    Can provide a safe alternative to invasives and rejuvenation surgeries
    Online video course, book and certificate
    Opportunity to practice Osteolifting technique in API SPA by Olena Hrinchuk


  • Online training program"Osteo-Lifting"

    50 recorded video lessons.Access remains forever.

    The skills acquired in this training will help professionals to balance the face, rejuvenate it, improve its symmetry and tissue condition, through the elimination of restrictions in certain areas of the body/
    And all this without much physical effort, due to the unique osteopathic-bioenergetic techniques available for everyone to learn.
    In addition to a qualitative change in facial condition, professionals will be able to eliminate stresses and limitations in the body itself as well, which will put them on a higher level in relation to their peers.

  • 1 steposteolifting 

    Offline.Teacher - Ariel PelevinTeacher in Ukraine - Elena Grinchuk

    - Myofascial internet theory. The role of fascia in the structural and mental architecture of the patient.- The influence of fascia on all body systems. What is direct fascial influence and how to build a dialog with the body on this principle.- Ergonomics and the use of the body and leverage for effective action.
    Practical application of theory and direct fascial techniques. All practice is supervised and accompanied by a teacher
    - Theory of body architecture through the concepts of volume and vectors.- Theory of interrelationships and interaction between specialist and patient.- Theory about the internal movement and self-regulation process of the body.- Theory about Neutrality during and after the reception of the patient.- Principles of leverage for bioenergetic cheneling.- Principles of motivating the body to self-regulate.- Theory about release and stages determining this process

    Practical application of what has been learned. All practical activities are supervised by the teacher.

  • Osteo-lifting 3D

    Offline.The instructor is Ariel Pelevin

    Advanced techniques in biodynamic approach.- Exploring a more volumetric and multivectoral approach in the biodynamic approach.- Intraoral correction of bones, tissues and membranes.- The use of verbal support during psychosomatic therapy.- Theory about 4-dimensional perception in the process of therapy
    Supporting the teacher in all stages of learning.

  • Osteo-body

    Offline.The instructor is Ariel Pelevin

    Osteopathic massage.
    Gives the opportunity to eliminate tensions in the body that affect the structure of the face and deteriorate its tissues.
    The skills acquired in this training will help professionals to balance the face, rejuvenate it, improve its symmetry and tissue condition by eliminating restrictions in certain areas of the body. And all this without much physical effort, due to the unique osteopathic-bioenergetic techniques available for everyone to learn. In addition to a qualitative change in the facial condition, practitioners will be able to eliminate stresses and restrictions in the body itself, bringing them to a higher level in relation to their peers.

  • Tai Chi PRO massage

    Offline.The instructor is Olena Hrinchuk

    The author's method by Ariel Pelevin.
    This method is based on multi-articular and volumetric ergonomics, which allows the forearms to have a unique effect on the patient's body. Through a special volumetric movement from qigong, which is an energy potential, a specialist can, through rhythm changes, have both sedative and stimulating effects on the patient's body. The change of rhythm transmitted through the forearms helps the specialist to solve many different tasks in massage from SPA to sports and toning effects. At the same time, without overloading your levers and maintaining and even increasing your internal energy potential.
    In just 1 session -4 kg, this is possible thanks to the latest TAI CHI massage technique. Thanks to this technique:⁃ Cellulite goes away⁃ Decrease body weight⁃ The posture is leveled⁃ Stress levels are reduced⁃ Feeling of relaxation⁃ Restores energyDuring the session, deep thought processing takes place.


NatalyaIndonesia, Bali Island

The practice of Osteo lifting as an absolutely painless method:
- it is easily integrated into my understanding of the environmental friendliness of the body's correction processes;
- allows me to expand the possibilities of my work with clients (without contraindications and side effects);
- improves results and enriches my professional arsenal of body therapy techniques and techniques.


XeniaRaanana, Israel

I have been doing natural facial rejuvenation for over 10 years. In 2012, she successfully completed a four-year training in Chinese medicine and completed an internship in China. My specialization includes anti-aging acupuncture, cosmetology, various facial massage techniques and osteo lifting. Osteo lifting, based on the principles of osteopathy, stimulates cellular renewal, improves facial contours and reduces signs of aging. This method has significantly improved the quality of my work and improved the results for my clients.



I am Svetlana Deri. A cosmetologist with 22 years of experience, the owner of a successful clinic in Israel.
I try to follow the advanced technologies in cosmetology.
I am proud that I am a graduate of the Osteo-Lifting Academy under the guidance of Dr. Ariel Pelevin and can now present my patients with a unique osteolifting method for maximum anti-age.
The main thing for me is to see the results and I see them.
From the reviews of my patients
, "Wow, I look different-younger"
"My whole body says thank you"
"During the session, I saw different colors"
My patients suddenly feel long-forgotten emotions
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you


  • Is it possible for an ordinary person without medical education to learn Osteolifting?

    Yes! Due to the specificity of the method, Osteolifting can be taught to absolutely anyone who is not related to massage and osteopathy.

  • Does osteolifting take away facial asymmetry?

    Yes! And very effective in reducing facial asymmetry!

  • Can Osteolifting be used with children?

    Yes! And if you combine it with Osteo-body, you'll get great results in posture alignment. Whether you're working with a child or an adult.

  • How often should an Osteolift be done?

    Course of 4 sessions, once a week. For prophylaxis 1 session every two to three months.

  • Are supplementary materials (manuals) available for training?

    Yes! Videos in good quality in all angles, in a telegram channel with lifetime access!