About the OSTEO-LIFTING method


The latest therapeutic non-surgical technique for facial rejuvenation and correction.
Innovative and advanced approach in manual cosmetology and body therapy.

This technique improves muscle tone, tissue elasticity, blood circulation, and restores the facial oval by working on tissues at all levels (skin, muscles, fascia, bone structure).

Additional therapeutic effect also helps with neurological diseases, respiratory diseases (respiratory organs), injuries.

Face, neck, collar zone - these are the zones of our emotions: osteo-lifting restores your beauty, relieves stress, lifts your mood and improves your health!

The osteo-lift consists of two blocks


Deep tissue facial release

This method is the most effective of all existing massage and structural practices. It is particularly effective for correcting facial oval and expression lines caused by fascial blocks and sticking of fascial layers.


Biodynamic facelift

The technique effectively addresses bony dysfunctions. It affects periosteum and fascial pulls and can be an excellent therapeutic and rejuvenating tool.